“Tonight, after I danced, I watched and listened as North Corner Chamber Orchestra played, performed, traveled, transformed. No conductor, I saw their eyes search and find each other. See each other. The progression of the music depended on it. Seeing this intimacy presented on stage is something I realized I’d been missing in art. I’d not seen it like this before.” — Margaret Hotchkiss, Dancer and NOCCO Collaborator

Founded by a group of friends and colleagues in 2014, North Corner Chamber Orchestra is a professional conductorless chamber ensemble whose members put collaboration at the heart of their music-making. As one of the very few conductorless orchestras in the country, NOCCO's performances dissolve the barrier between musicians and audience and invigorate the artistic community with a new format that celebrates greater contribution from musicians and mixing of ideas. Through fun and accessible venues, diverse programming, and accommodating ticket pricing, NOCCO seeks to build a concert-going community that includes those new to, or even historically alienated from, orchestral music as well as long-time classical music fans.

NOCCO performs 8-9 concerts per year in a variety of venues around Seattle and Bellevue. Having no conductor to lead the way and make the decisions means that each and every musician is highly invested and involved in creating the final product. Our performances are vibrant, high energy, and bursting with enthusiasm as a result of each member participating so actively. We share these performances in music clubs, distilleries, community centers, and other venues that are different from the typical concert hall experience because it allows us to connect with our audiences in a candid and human way.

With an era-spanning repertoire, we strive to represent diversity in our programming and have featured works by women and composers of color throughout our five seasons. We also regularly commission new works from local composers.

NOCCO is dedicated to growing audiences from underserved communities.  We have been in residence at the Royal Room in Columbia City since our first season, making us one of the very few classical music organizations to regularly serve the South End of Seattle. We offer vouchers for reduced price and free tickets to low income populations and families of school aged children and have plans to expand such programs.

NOCCO’S MISSION is to present immersive, collaborative, and vibrant musical experiences to the diverse communities of the greater Seattle area.