thank you for supporting nocco!

Contributions of any size are welcome and appreciated and all donations are tax deductible.


Why should I donate to nOCCO?

  • You are investing in a rare format for orchestral music - NOCCO is one of only a handful of unconducted orchestras in the country. Being unconducted results in interactive and lively performances, a mixing of ideas which promotes creativity, and a high level of investment from musicians who each have individual ownership over the end product.

  • You are helping to bring a broad array of musical programming to the Seattle region. NOCCO has commissioned many new works, often from local composers, in addition to regularly programming works by women and composers of color.

  • You are supporting the concert experience that NOCCO creates by performing in venues such as music clubs, distilleries, and community centers that are intimate and comfortable. We believe that being able to have some delicious eats and a cocktail during the show provides a more immersive and multi-faceted experience!

  • You are promoting access to classical music for people of all backgrounds and income levels. NOCCO is commitmed to performing consistently in South Seattle neighborhoods which see a disproportionately low number of classical music concerts compared to other areas of the city. We work to keep ticket prices low in general and offer free tickets for anyone under 18 at many of our concerts. We also offer vouchers for free and reduced price tickets to low income communities and families of school aged children and plan expand these programs going forward.

How will nOCCO use my contributions?

NOCCO uses individual donations to cover expenses such as:

  • Executive director position — our first paid staff!

  • Musician fees - we have started to pay our musicians a very modest amount and plan to continue increasing payment toward the local standard rates

  • Guest artists

  • Commissions of new works from composers

  • Sheet music purchase/rental

  • Venue rentals

  • Instrument rental (like a harpsichord) and transportation (for large percussion, etc)

  • Marketing - graphic designer, printing costs (for programs, flyers, posters, etc), taking out ads, website fees

2019-20 Season Supporters

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