April 2019 collaboration - Margaret Luxamon Hotchkiss, movement artist

When you were first approached about this project, what most excited you about the idea?

What most excited me about the idea was the opportunity to be in a collaborative process with a chamber orchestra and a painter. Also, the challenges of performing variations of the work in a small, intimate space at The Royal Room and a larger, concert space at The Triple Door also drew me in.

If at all, how does the theme of creation inform or inspire you?

The theme of creation inspires me in how it can be an overwhelmingly broad idea but also how it can be refined to be one specific thing. There are multiple definitions for creation. 

For a project like this, do you have a sense of what movements you might incorporate, or will it be inspired in the moment?

For this project I have a sense of the movement already. Within what is set I also have freedom to improvise. So it’s both. The choreography, the music, the audience, the energy of the space will all inform what will ultimately happen.

Margaret headshot.JPG