April 2019 collaboration - Dominique Medici, painter

 We read that you love working from real-life observation – what can you tell us about that?

The creative process is always a meeting of the inner and outer worlds. The magic happens when the inner impulse meets a skilled hand. resistance within and focused attention Before the image arises it starts as an impulse, an urge. It is like a faint sound that as one listens to it, it gets louder, clearer and takes shape. 

I love working on location because there it is a great challenge and joy to connect with life and try to get an expression and capture something that is fleeting. When painting outdoors the quality of light is constantly changing, clouds don't stay still for a minute. As a painter I am aware of 2 forces at work, time and skill. I attempt to say as much as I can in the most efficient way possible using color and tone and shape. 

Have you ever painted to live music before? If yes, how does it inspire or change you?

When painting to live music the challenge is to let the paint dance with the sound and to follow the story and mood. When I hear the music it is as if it turns into shapes, colors and textures. It is a picture in my minds eye. 

Giving expression and form to these visions is a thrilling practice. 

medicipic copy.jpg