Meet Jim Knapp, featured composer at our upcoming concerts!

We were thrilled to be able to learn from the composer himself about his new work, NOVERTURE, written for NOCCO. The world premier of his work will be Dec 16 & 17

What initially sparked your interest in composition? Was there a particular moment or life event that you connect to it?

I was playing trumpet in my high school jazz band and I was supposed to play an improvised solo. I had no idea how to go about it. My band director (a wise Italian) told me to write one out and learn to play it. I did and my friends liked it.


Composer Jim Knapp

Composer Jim Knapp


What drives you as an artist? What inspires you? (Or, what keeps you writing music?)

The way music makes me feel.

Do you have recurring themes throughout your works?

There are recurring preferences – harmonic, melodic and rhythmic. I think these are autobiographical; referring to an original musical impression. It is important to recognize these things so you don’t write the same piece over and over.

Can you tell us a little bit about Noverture?

Noverture is a multi-thematic piece composed for NOCCO. The first theme is based on a tune that I wrote in the early '70’s, before I had started my inquiry into the principals of harmonic resolution. The tune never sounded right to me. I came to realize that some of the chords were in the wrong order. It sounds right to me now. Thanks to NOCCO for giving me this opportunity. I hope it sounds right to you too.